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Meridian Express CMP - Meridian Express


Manager Certification Program – “The most important investment in a company is undoubtedly in its staff as the most important and long-term asset. In this regard, our company has always been focused on the basis of the practices implemented to pay maximum attention to its staff, their professional development and the creation of a suitable teamwork environment.On this occasion, in 2015 as we have been continuing this worldwide known practice strategy, the management of the company has decided to create and launch the Program for Management Certification by offering our managers the opportunity to further develop their knowledge with offered trainings by this program in many fields such as: retailing management; finance; and other processes as needed in order to maximize efficiency in the workplace.

As of now the third generation of this program is being held. From the two previous generations a total of 9 managers have been certified whereas in this generation, 4 other managers are being considered for certification.

We are proud to continuously prepare new generations of certified managers; a program that has resulted to an increase staff performance and the units they manage, increase in benefits, and at the same time development of a long-term joint loyalty in full compliance with the company culture set up for years.